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 And Then Some

This is the official site of And Then Some, a local musical group. This site provides a bio of the group as well as a free download of their music. Users can also enter draws for musical prizes and take advantage of the extensive list of Southwestern Ontario musical links.

 Anneke's Star

This is the official site of the local musical group Anneke's Star. To access news, music, video clips, lyrics and the message board, users need to become members. Membership is free and directions are clearly presented on how to obtain a password on this site.

 Area 51

Area fifty-one is a four-piece rock band based out of Windsor, Ontario. Their music relies heavily on great melodies and vocal harmony. This site contains a bio of the band, news, a photo gallery, and a guestbook. Users can also download and listen to a variety of songs by the band.

 Ashes Of Soma

This is the official site of Windsor area rock band Ashes of Soma. This site provides a bio, pics of the band, tour dates, and media information. Fans can also buy Ashes of Soma albums from this site and join the band's mailing list.


Betrayer is a local power trio that has been on the scene since 2001. This site provides band info, biographies, media samples, and contact information. Users can also visit Betrayer's online store and access many useful music links.


Being an ambitious live band, Blasternaut has brought its brand of entertainment to many venues ranging from pubs to arenas. On occasion performing with other great acts, such as The Nixons, Finger Eleven, Treble Charger, The Tea Party, Theory of a Deadman, and 3 Days Grace.

 Caught In The Moss

This is the official site of Windsor area band Caught In The Moss. This site provides band news, bios, photography, and gives users the option of sampling a large selection of their music.

 Claudia Dinatale

This is the official site of Windsor area singer Claudia Dinatale. Her website provides a bio, news, gallery, store, and samples of her music. Users can also access a variety of music links and message boards.

 Clinton Hammond

Clinton Hammond is a Windsor area musician. This website provides users with up-to-date concert listings and a sample of his music. Links to local entertainment venues and guitar resources are also provided on this site.

 Crystal Gage

This is the official site of Windsor area singer Crystal Gage. This site provides Crystal's bio as well as samples of her music and a variety of pictures. In addition there is a message board, show listings, and fan club information for viewers to access.

 Daniel Victor

Daniel Victor is a Windsor based musician and producer. This Flash website provides information about Victor, a gallery, a journal, and a message board. Currently the site is pushing Neverending White Lights, which is a collaborative album featuring many talented artists.

 Db Project

The Db Project is a Windsor area band who has played with among others, Sum 41, Finger Eleven, No Motiv, and Jersey. Their website contains band news, bios, media downloads, tour dates, and information on how fans can get involved.

 Dead Heat

'Killing for Rock.' Dead Heat is a Windsor area rock group. Their website provides streaming audio, band information, a photo gallery, show listings, and ample music links to some of their musical influences.

 Diverse Image In Sound

Diverse Image In Sound is a digital recording and editing facility specializing in mix and mastering music CD's. Their website outlines their services, which accommodate all types of media. In addition, information about the owner, equipment, and sample audio clips are accessible.

 Dresden Sky

Dresden Sky's core duo is Erin Gignac and Marc Bertrand, two talented and versatile folk music artists. Their well designed website provides bios, samples of their music, photos, news, touring information, and much more.


Dusty is a Windsor/Detroit area guitar player who has been playing professionally since 1989. His website provides a bio, news, music, video, and photos. Users can also purchase Dusty's albums on this site.

 Elliott BROOD

Elliott BROOD is a 2006 Juno nominee in the category of 'best roots & traditional album.' Their website lists all their upcoming shows, provides a bio, music samples, music videos, discography, and an online store.

 Eric Lawson

Eric Lawson is a singer/songwriter based in Windsor. His music is heavily influenced by his involvement in political and social activism. The website provides a bio, photo gallery, discography, audio samples, and contact information.


Filigree is a Windsor area musical group. Their website provides a bio, photo gallery and lyrics. Users can also purchase Filigree's CD entitled 'Right Here Far Away' from this site.

 Focal Point

Focal Point is a Windsor area rock quartet. Their website is solid and offers bios, pics, show details, and music samples. There is also a large selection of music links and a merchandise section is currently under construction.

 Foreign Film Star

Foreign Film Star is a Windsor area group composed of four diverse musicians. Their website is easy to navigate and provides a bio, tour dates, news, lyrics, music samples, and an online store.

 Full White Drag

Full White Drag is a Windsor area rock band. Their new website is still under construction as they are in the process of releasing an Internet only album. There is a link to their old site, which is quite impressive and has band info, audio, video, and many music links.

 Golden Cage Productions

Golden Cage Productions is privately owned and operated company founded in 2001 in Windsor, Ontario by musician Al Yell. Their website provides additional company information as well as a description of their services, equipment, and fees.

 Grand Marais

Grand Marais is a Windsor area rock group. Their website provides information about the principal band members, their music, upcoming shows, and previews of Grand Marais' songs. Albums can also be purchased through this site.

 House Of Toast

House of Toast (HOT) is a non-profit, membership-based collective offering film & video equipment, and services for independent artists. Their website outlines their mandate, facilities, equipment, and provides membership information.

 Indebasement Record & Audio Productions

Indebasement provides many audio production services. Their website details the various services that they provide and fee information. Information about their record label, clients, and industry links are also provided.

 JD Project

From soul to rock & roll, John has played it all and in doing so has become a sought after studio musician due to his versatility. His website provides a bio, news, list of appearances, audio downloads, and many musical links.

 Jody Raffoul

Opening for the likes of Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Joe Cocker and Blues Traveler, Jody Raffoul has had a diverse career as a working class pop-rock singer/songwriter. His website provides a bio, news, gallery, tourdates, a forum, and many music links.


'For more than 20 years, the inspiring songs and music of Jules have touched hearts, lifted spirits, and given the feeling of serenity.' The website of this Windsor area Christian musician features a bio, lyrics, audio, studio information, and the option to order albums online.

 Julie Kryk

Julie Kryk is a talented Windsor area singer/songwriter/musician. She has shared the stage with the likes of among others, U2, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, and Sheryl Crow. Her website provides a bio, new, tour dates, audio, video, and a mailing list.


'The JumpKatz are southwestern Ontario's premier roots rockabilly band.' Their website provides audio samples, photos, a bio, a list of accomplishments, news, and merchandise information.

 Kerri Brown

Kerri Brown is a Windsor area 'up and coming R&B princess.' Her website provides users with a bio, news, photo gallery, audio clips, contact information, and several Windsor music scene links.

 Leighton Bain

Leighton Bain is a Windsor area musician. His website provides a bio, show dates, audio samples, photos, press information, and many musical links to collaborative artists and his inspirations.

 Lonesome Lefty

Lonesome Lefty is a Windsor area musical group. This site provides show information, booking information, audio samples, news, and contact info.

 Low Tones

The Low Tones are a 3-piece pop/rock band. This site offers downloads of music samplings, a current concert schedule, and a bio on the band. It also has a large gallery of pics and promotional shots to scroll through.

 Luther Badman Keith

This site showcases Luther Badman Keith, a Detroit bluesman who plays in Windsor regularly. On this website, you can hear song samples, read critics' reviews of the artist's live recordings, and buy his CDs.

 Michael LaCroix

Michael LaCroix is a classically trained pianist and composer. This site gives users access to links to music, arts, and food. Additionally, links with information about his wife and newborn daughter are provided.


MicLordz is a local hip-hop duo made up of AlerG and Boots. The Miclordz have been performing at various venues and clubs in Windsor for years. Their site offers a bio and photo gallery as well as an in depth concert listing. You can also listen to a few choice tracks while you navigate around the site.

 Mr. Chill & The Witnesses

Kelly “Mr. Chill” Hoppe, formally of the well known band Big Sugar, teamed up with Greg Cox, Josh Zalev and Luke Pelotte to form this band. This site showcases their wide music history and talent as well as links to other local bands and concert schedules.

 Music Express

'Our purpose is to provide an organization through which members may donate their time and talents to share the art of music for the sole benefit of the community.' The Music Express website has the photo gallery, archives, and a list of upcoming events for the Music Express Show Band.

 One Man's Opinion

Formed in 2004, One Man's Opinion has been amazing audiences with their powerful stage presence and strong sound. The site has a band bio, links to other bands, merchandise ready to buy, and a schedule. It hasn't been updated in a while though; the last update was in June 2005. Regardless, check it out.

 Pat Robitaille

A truly Canadian artist as evidenced by the big map of Canada that greets you when you visit the website. This site showcases his acoustic guitar talents as well as providing links to stories, tour dates, photographs, and press shots.

 Purple Orange

Dann Allaire (purple) and Tim Pinnegar (orange) make up this 2 man acoustical jam. Their website is fun to navigate, with links to a band bio, a calendar of tour dates, picture gallery, set list, and their hobbies.

 Ricky Nix

The site showcases Ricky Nix's new CD and provides several audio samples. Also contained on this site is a press clipping highlighting his musical development and the challenges of creating music. Links to upcoming shows are also available for viewing and users can purchase Ricky Nix music online through this site.

 Ron Leary

Ron Leary has been playing folk pop around Windsor for years. The site offers up links to upcoming shows, sample tracks, and his top ten favorite albums. Also check him out on CJAM 91.5 FM, every Thursday 11-12pm on Open Mic: On Air.


At the time of this entry, The Silvertones were in the middle of constructing a brand new site. But with one CD already out and another soon to be released, they're definitely a band to expect great things from. Keep an eye out in Windsor for upcoming shows.


SledgeHammer is a trio that plays metal in the Windsor area and abroad. Their site provides links to a band bio, show dates, song/lyric postings, a photo gallery, and news about the band. You can also buy merchandise and sign or view the band's guestbook through this site.

 SLR Studios

SLR Studios is a professional multi-track recording complex, located in the Fountain Bleu area of Windsor, Ontario. Their site outlines their studio, equipment, staff, news, many industry links, and much more.

 Still At Large

Still At Large is a 4-piece band that has been playing top clubs in Windsor for years. Some links on their website include a band bio, press publications, and photos. It also has a great music section, offering track samples and digital downloads.


Stratus is a local band who recently released a new album. Their site is up-to-date and is easy to navigate. It offers users links to photos, sample tracks, and band news.

 Ten Indians

Ten Indians is a Windsor area music trio. Their site provides links to discography, a bio, media, and a fan guestbook. News about the band is available on this site as is booking information.

 The Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad is 4-piece band that plays timeless music from the 60's and 70's. The site provides a band bio, photo section, song list, tour dates and press clippings.

 The London Apartments

'Soft vocals swim through electronic beats and sounds, highlighting this band's innovative sound.' The site is very informative, offering links to a band bio, photos, music sample tracks, press clippings and various related blogs. You can also buy merchandise at their 'boutique'.

 The Redstripes

The Redstripes are a strong musical force in the Windsor area. As a warning, this site does have pop-ups which are annoying. Links include a band bio, tour dates, photos, and a guestbook where you can leave a message for the band.

 The Reverb Rockers

Blues and classic rock drive The Reverb Rockers, a Windsor are musical trio. History and talent shines from this band and their music. Their website includes links to a band bio, pictures, and press publications.

 The Sound Foundry

The Sound Foundry is a recording and multimedia studio located in Kingsville, Ontario. They offer a variety of services including multi-track recording, digital editing, and mobile recording. Their site provides many music links and a general overview of the studio and its facilities.

 The Windsor Collegium

The University Collegium was founded in the early 1970's by Edward Kovarik, a professor at the University of Windsor, for the purpose of studying and performing music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This site provides information about the group and other University of Windsor School of Music programs.


A cool intro greets you when you access Windsor area band Torrid's website. Links include a band bio, tour dates, and a gallery. You can also buy merchandise and download some of Torrid's songs.

 Train 45

Train 45 is one of Windsor's most prominent bands and has dabbled in many different genres since their inception in 1997. The site has links to their bio, show dates, and a photo gallery. Train 45 also offers musical workshops.

 University of Windsor Wind Ensemble

The University of Windsor Wind Ensemble is an auditioned group of approximately 35 members. The membership is auditioned every semester, and the group functions in the one-on-a-part wind ensemble tradition. This site provides information about the ensemble and other University of Windsor School of Music programs.

 University of Windsor Chamber Choir

The University of Windsor Chamber Choir is a select group of twenty-four singers that perform five to six times per year. This site includes information about the Chamber Choir and the University of Windsor School of Music's programs.

 University of Windsor Concert Band

This group was conceived with a two-fold purpose: to provide experience to University of Windsor wind and percussion majors who were not in the Wind Ensemble, and to offer a musical opportunity to players in other departments who wanted to maintain their musicianship skills. This site provides information about the Concert Band and the University of Windsor School of Music's programs.

 University of Windsor Singers

The University of Windsor Singers is the oldest and largest musical ensemble on campus, with a membership of 80-90 singers each term. We welcome members from all segments of the campus who can pass a minimal audition. This site provides information about the singing group and the University of Windsor School of Music's programs.

 Way of Life

'Way of Life is a local hardrock band that features big choruses, wicked guitar hooks, great live energy, tight rhythms and tons of background vocals.' Their website lists show information, band news, a biography, pictures, downloads, and reviews.

 Windsor Community Orchestra

The Windsor Community Orchestra serves as a training orchestra for University of Windsor students and also provides a playing opportunity for alumni and members of the community at large. Their site provides a brief overview of the orchestra, contact info, and links to other University ensembles.

 Windsor Light Opera

The Windsor Light Opera is a community based amateur musical performance company that has thrilled Windsor area audiences since 1948. Their site shows the stage location, seating, and a virtual tour of the theatre. Also included on this site is a complete listing of all Windsor Light Opera productions over the past 50 years.

 Windsor Military Band

The Windsor Military Band has been in existence as a composite force brass and reed band since 1970, with roots as far back as the early 1930s. Their site provides links to news and information, a schedule, band history, recordings, a photo gallery, a list of members, and information on how to join the band.

 Windsor Symphony Orchestra

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra's main concert season runs from September until May. On their website users can purchase tickets, access information on all of this season's concerts, read news links, make donations, and join the Symphony’s mailing list.

 Woods of Ypres

Woods of Ypres is a Windsor area metal band. At this site you can buy Woods of Ypres Cd's, browse their songs, read their lyrics, view upcoming upcoming events, and access their photo gallery.